Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Vintage Typewriter Photo Necklace

So you have a loved one that lives far away and you only get to see them occasionally...well why not get a custom photo necklace and carry them with you everyday!
The photo illustrates my own necklace that I made out of a vintage typewriter key - the picture shows my two beautiful daughters.
This necklace is truly eclectic, so different from your traditional necklace...it measures 18mm (or about 3/4 " wide) and is securely attached to a silverplated bail and a 16 inch ballchain. All I need is a photo emailed to me and I will take it from there!
Please note that when I resize the photo it may loose some of the clarity of the actual photo. Also, some of my keys may show a little wear and tear but I think it adds character to the piece.

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