Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Watercolor/Mixed Media Prints

PAM WARDEN LICENSED ART FOUND AT http://babeta.etsy.com/
Prints are $13.00 and can be re-signed and personalized. My work is shown at SURTEX each year in NYC and select International shows. An original was auctioned by Slotin's for the benefit of the American Folk Art Museum/Howard J. Campbell collection.
I paint with Watercolor, Acrylic and sometimes Coffee. I HEART Art :-)


Debi! said...

Love these!

Welcome to our little 'spot' on the net!

Hugs, Debi

http:/blogcabinfever.typepad.com said...

Thank you Debi. I just let the people at my blog know about this group.
Thank you for the warm welcome :)