Friday, April 4, 2008

New Soaps!!

I have been concentrating more on my soaps then my other products as my soaps are important to me because this is where I started from the beginning making soap. Soap sales are very slow compared to my other products so I am going to focus on making more great soap.

First on my list is the Blue Mountain Soap. This is made from scratch using the cold process method. Made with great oils and wonderful creamy lather. This was my first real attempt at creating swirls in my soap. I am a not a swirly type soap person and prefer not to have much but it seems that people like having fancy colors and swirls in their soaps. After attempting this, I was very satisfied with the results as I am not very good at swirling colors.

Second on the list is my Coconut Lime Verbena. I have been getting a lot of request for this scent so I made it into a soap. I do not have this listed as one of my scents but I did buy this fragrance just for making the soap with. I am not a lime person but after smelling this scent, I fell in love. It is just heavenly. The soap had cured for 6 weeks and is definitely ready for use. During the curing process the soap developed some brown spots on the back of the soap. Where this came from, I have no idea. It may have developed during the gel process, which is the heating of the soap. But all is good and this does not affect the quality of the soap so I have discounted the soap.

Last but not least is my Unscented Clay Shaving Soap. Many people have a sensitivity to fragrance and essential oils so I created a soap that has no color or fragrance. Many of my customers have requested this type of soap so I hope this will be pleasing to those target customers. I have added Benonite clay to this soap which gives it such a soft and silky feel to it. This can be used for shaving as well because of the soft silky feeling it has and the awesome lather.

All of these soaps can be found at our Etsy shop

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