Monday, December 10, 2007

Recycled Warm Woolie Mittens!

You may ask, "what are mittens doing in The Empty Nest"?...well the answer is these are made by my wonderful sister, Sue. Her work is awesome - she isn't much of a computer person and I told her that she needs to sell these so I'm putting a few pair in my store.

These awesome woolies are made out of recycled wool sweaters that go through a long process to come to fruition.

First, she washes the sweaters, then she shrinks them, then she presses them, then she carefully cuts them out. It takes her two hours to make one set because of all the detail to puts in them. They are all lined with soft fleece and let me tell you, these puppies are WARM!

Snatch up a pair for Xmas this year!

The Empty Nest

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tadadesigns said...

Those mittens are too cute! I am in the process of adding my computer-illiterate mom's stuff to my shop too! It's taking me forever... maybe you & I should start a support group LOL!