Sunday, December 9, 2007

Mineral Makeup Foundation 3 Colors Sampler Set

Not sure what foundation color is for your skin tone?? Don't waste money on the full size before you know what color is suitable for you. Try our "Foundation Sampler", this sampler set is included 3 colors. This sampler is for light skin with pink undertone.

I also have Foundation Sampler for light skin with yellow undertone (great for Asian Skin), Medium Tone (great for tanned, Latin or Middle-Eastern Skin) and Dark. Let me know if you need another colors.

You will receive 1/4 tsp for each color in a ziplock bag. It will last for 3 application for each color. If you prefer to get it in small containers, there will be $2.99 extra and $0.50 extra for shipping, just write it down on the note when you check out and wait for me to send you a new invoice.

I am licensed Esthetician, this mineral makeup is handmade, I sell this mineral makeup to my clients, they all love it, they all stop using their expensive "traditional" makeup, and switch to my "100%" Natural Mineral Makeup. Most of my clients are using Bare Mineral, they told me that they all prefer my makeup.

How to apply?
Most people suggest to use Kabuki Brush, but I find that using "Flat Head Bronzer Brush" give me an even and better application.

First start from your forehead and go over the whole face once, then if you think the coverage is not enough, you can go through whole face or the area you need again. Remember: "Go Light", don't apply too much at once, you want to look natural. And I also apply in a stroke instead of circular direction. It is just my experience.

Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Ultra Marine Blue
May Contain: Zinc Oxide and Mica

Why Mineral Makeup?
100% Natural
Good for Skin
Free of Preservatives, oil or any chemcial
DO NOT Clog Pores
Natural Sun Screen (Titanium Dioxide are natural sun screen)

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