Thursday, May 22, 2008

Taggy Toys for Babies and Kids

What do babies love?

Babies love tags! Babies love balls! Babies love bells!

What do you get when you put all of those together?

Why, the Taggy Ball, of course!

And Tag! You Are It! was born.

Our Taggy Balls are made of super soft fleece. (Watch our shop as we are starting our foray into flannel soon.) They are 6 inches in diameter--the perfect size for baby. We sew them with a super small stitch for maximum security. 18 coordinating ribbon tags are sewn into the ball to make them fun for baby. But wait, there's more...A jingle bell inside produces a soft ringing sound that baby will love! These are perfect Baby Shower gifts.

But this shop doesn't just cater to babies. We have products that older children will love as well. Some of our other products include:

Personalized Heart Bean Bags
Personalized Taggy Bean Bags
Personalized Canvas Totes to carry all their treasures
Mini Taggy Balls-half the size of our regular Taggy Balls
Taggy Footballs-Coming soon
Tic Tac Toe Bean Bag Games
Hopscotch Games-Coming soon

And the best part is...we are offering 20% off any Taggy Ball for the rest of May. Hurry, May is almost over. Just convo me with coupon code TGIMAY and what ball you would like and I will set it up in my reserved section for you. So come and visit Tag! You Are It! and the first 5 customers will receive an extra goody with their order.

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