Friday, May 16, 2008

Alphabet One Inch Button Magnets

Frig looking a bit drab lately? Your locker at the gym needs some za za zoo? Why not dress them up with something that is sure to brighten your day - cute letter button magnets or tacks!My trusty partner, my tecre buttonmaker, and I make these adorable kitschy magnets (or tacks) using letters that look distressed and a promag magnet or sturdy tack is securly attached. Spell out your name, a phrase, kid's name, your dog, the sky is the limit. can even spell out a note to hubby "cook dinner - I'm going to the spa!" Use them to hang up your favorite photo, an A+ report card or that all important kid art!All letters available. Looking for the entire alphabet? No problemo my friend, I can do that too!

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