Sunday, May 25, 2008

Advertise your Etsy Shop For Only $5! New Weekly Internet Radio Show for Crafters!

Someone once told me that if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. I live by that every day!

My new show features crafters, musicians, and other people who are trying to make a buck doing what we love. Some of us are stay at home parents, some are still in the workforce. Some are college students doing their arts in their free time, and some are retirees. Whether you're "one of us" or just want to hear who we are, what we do, and share in the fun, I invite you to join me for Bitty Moose and Friends Radio!

Listen Live every Thursday night from 6-7 PM EST at

Each week I will feature a "Billboard Sponsor." This sponsor will be mentioned throughout my 1 hour show - including promoting your website, the products you make, and an interview with you if you wish. (This is not necessary, so shy crafters don't run away!

A one week Billboard sponsorship costs $20.

I will also accept up to 10 crafters, artists, or musicians for an ad list, to be read 2x during the show. It will be read on the :30 and at the close of the show, featuring your web address and a one sentence decription of what you sell.

A one week ad list sponsorship is $5.

Both are available in my shop, so make sure to get your ad NOW for next week's show, and be sure to tune in!

PS - Etsy requires any item sold to be a "tangible" item, and graphics now fall into that category. Therefore, with your purchase you will recieve (via email) the HTML for an animated 125x125 button saying you were heard on the show. (Shown Below...)

Bitty Moose

PS: THIS BLOG is going to be featured at no charge on this week's show to help promote our members! It's a thank-you gift to Debi from me for inviting me to join, and may it bring us all some added views and sales!!

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