Saturday, March 8, 2008

Ducks Return

This cute little aceo made its comeback this week. I have limited editions of this little fellow and I list one at a time in the shop. So This is No. 2 in that edition. He came out last November just in time for Thanksgiving. The work is a print of my original pen and ink, watercolor wash painting

which sold right away. I feel a part of me is gone when my originals sell. So I do prints in the form of notecards as well as ACEO's to keep emories alive a little bit longer.

I like to paint and like to share it with people who appreciate art. If they like my style I am happy. If I can can satisfy their range in prices then I am bless. Take the little Aceo a 2.5 x 3.5

piece of art can be framed sit on a end table for display. My sister use to use them and change them each month to celebrate the seasons. Personally I like to put them in baseball card album sheets and place my album on the coffee table as a conversation piece. So if you are in to art at an affordable price try notecards and ACEO's. Both came be framed.

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