Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Custom Photo Button Magnet

We all have them, plastered all over the frig: to do lists, grocery lists, dinner menus, school sports schedule, kid artwork and on and on - well why not jazz up that frig of yours with a custom photo magnet to hold up all your important papers!

My sidekick, my tecre buttonmaker, is used to make these magnets. They measure 2 1/4 inch and have a magnet securely attached to the back. Wouldn't your loved one just flip with a custom photo of your own? This would also be a great gift for a wedding party or graduation or any occasion.

All I need is a photo emailed to me and I'll take it from there!

(if you are looking for custom illustration, check out my daughter who is an illustrator - - she drew the characture of me and my hubby that is featured on this magnet - she also drew all of my shop logos)

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