Monday, December 17, 2007

Custom Photo Pocket Mirror

We all carry pictures of those we love, either in our wallets, on a pin, or a necklace, so why not have them on an adorable little mirror - that way they travel with you everywhere! This awesomely cute button mirror is the perfect addition to your purse. This is a handpressed button mirror made with my handy dandy tecre button maker and it measures 2 1/4 inches and will feature whatever picture you would like on it. All you need to do is email the photo to me and I will take it from there! This is a picture of my two adorable samoyeds, Blaze (on the left) and Blizzard (on the right) and sadly Blaze recently passed away with cancer and I'm just devastated. So I decided to make myself a mirror so I can look at him and carry him with me always. A great little gifty idea for the most important person and that would be you!

The Empty Nest

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