Thursday, November 1, 2007

Pure Vegan Mineral Makeup

A mineral supplement for your skin. Enhancing beauty while concealing acne, scars, rosacea, veins, skin discolorations-everything.

Our products do not contain bismuth oxychloride, which is kin to arsenic and is found in many mineral makeup brands. It is a 'filler' that adds sheen to the skin while also wreaking havoc. You wouldn't ingest arsenic, so it makes perfect sense not to buff it onto your skin!
This makeup is a skin treatment, helps to heal acne, is anti-inflammatory, soothing for the skin and can improve skin condition. Safe enough to sleep in.

Because they are pure, crushed minerals from the earth, bacteria cannot be supported and there is no expiration date. This makeup is long-lasting as a little goes a long way.

It is recommended by surgeons and dermatologists worldwide for post-operative scars, after chemical peels, laser resurfacing and is approved by The American Cancer Association.

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