Sunday, November 11, 2007

THE BOOK IS CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the handbook to handmade volume I

complete list of 36 artists........

monaco gittariusgallery localcolorist Princeton, NJ purlyshells jonnajonna Mikiye SilverMonk
kamace JenniferCasady PinkPolkaDotPoodle hawaiiheather ellejule. stunningdetailsgems
ErinLilies abstractheart jessitaylor ruralabandon EvesOriginals subu wiretree SimplyWired
meristem misscourageous SandFibers Dreamwoven neile beadworx BauerDesigns claydame
elleabelle tigerlillyshop morganstreet executeme Knitsteel CocoBijou

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Debi! said...

thanks for the info...

Could you pop in and delete the old post for your book... then people won't scroll to see the older one...

Thanks much! Debi