Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New Shop Section - for babies!

I've just opened a new section in my Etsy shop for baby items.
Currently there are some old-school style bibs and soon there will be other designs and colours, all with form following function, so to speak.
This batch are made of super soft flannel, like a tribute to my winter bedsheets. If you live in chilly climes and have not yet invested in some super soft, thick flannel sheets, what are you waiting for?!

Now about the colours...I didn't choose pink and blue because I want to put your baby in a box...a gender box, if you will. No, that's just what I happened on in the store and they were so lovely and soft I couldn't help myself. So mix it up! Put the blue on your girl, the pink on your boy...or keep it traditional.

And a final point about the multi-faceted nature of these items...a gave one to a friend for her new baby and her toddler daughter immediately claimed it as her apron. Darned if it didn't fit just right too.

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