Friday, February 8, 2008

Q T Vintage Typewriter Key Earrings

Who doesn't want some lovin for their lobes! I know I do, especially something different like these unique vintage typewriter key earrings. My etsy friend, valeriesgallery (who makes awesome felted items so check her out), rescued some old typewriters from the dump and sent me the keys. I was so excited I was literally gonna wet my pants. Anyway, I told her I couldn't wait to grind the keys and start creating!So, what do you think - Q T - does that describe you? These bodacious baubles will definitely grab attention and make a statement at the same time!The keys are rare, in that they are yellow and I don't see those very often. They are placed on silverplated and oxidized bezel forms and securely attached to silverplated earring wires. These would be perfect for that special up and coming Hallmark occasion!

The Empty Nest

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